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    he explosion in tapeless workflow has led to an ever-increasing reliance on network performance to ensure the global workflows used in many aspects of production and post-production succeed. SMN was created in anticipation of this situation and is able to adapt to the ever-changing demands put upon it as media technologies develop.

    As a dynamic, expansible network, SMN can be configured to meet your particular requirements. Using a future-proof fibre network, clients are able to transfer their valuable and critical content quickly and securely, avoiding the dangers and inconsistencies of the internet to radically improve workflow.

    We will install a connection directly into your building, giving you uncontended access to our network. Every connection is fully managed and serviced by our 24/7 support team of experienced technicians and engineers. We give you the physical technology to connect to our network at 100Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s or even 10Gbit/s; but more importantly we give you the backup and expertise to ensure that you can achieve these transfer rates when using the network. To help with this we offer a range of complementary services covering networking , hosting, delivery, Internet, security and consultancy.


    • Instant access to worldwide media community
    • Guaranteed transfer speeds
    • Industry renowned network security
    • Largest private network for the Media & Entertainment industry
    • 24/7 Support

    Our Network is rapidly expanding globally. Sohonet Freeway gives our customers the opportunity to reap the benefits of this expansion, making spare capacity between LA and London available to all on a shared basis. Please contact us directly at the Sohonet office nearest you to discuss your connectivity requirements.
    Sohonet is a global private IP network, primarily implemented as IP over Ethernet. Globally unique IPv4 address space is acquired by Sohonet for customers directly from ARIN, APNIC and RIPE. This ensures our customers can interact with destinations on the Internet as well as other locations on the network and avoids potential problems with address-space overlap with their internal networks.

    24/7 SUPPORT

    The topology of the network is a number of Metro Area Networks, all interconnected with private circuits. The Sohonet IP network provides a high performance, secure platform upon which Production services can be built.

    The Sohonet Media Network is built on open IP and Ethernet network protocols, and eliminates the need for specific software or tools. This allows our services to be extremely flexible, enabling clients to select the best technology to satisfy their requirements.

    None of our customer’s data is stored within the Sohonet Media Network – data is passed straight through from source to destination. This provides you with complete visibility and control of the location and security of your data at all times.