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AirGap Browsing

Isolated browsing keeps the web safe for your most critical teams

Yeah, we saw that guy in the back playing Galaga, too...

Easily meet your customer's security policies

Browsing the internet isn't a crime

Many Media & Entertainment security and audit policies call for the creation of an Air Gap between production networks and the internet. This isn’t hard to do, but it can be hard to enforce, unless you can provide a way for your teams to get online safely.

Our managed solution, AirGap Browsing, has met the requirements of the top motion picture industry security audits with flying colors, while giving your teams the ability to stay connected.

People are people

Your team wants to stay connected to their online email or social networks and they will find ways, unless you give them one that works.

Sometimes you need a file that’s online

Managing the legitimate downloading of assets such as video or audio clips or documents via “Sneakernet” isn’t always practical.

Creating a “One size fits none” policy is a recipe for disaster

Some people need to browse, others want personal email, while a few have a legitimate need to download.

Out of sight is not out of mind

While you don’t want to play Internet cop, in some critical instances keeping your employees’ internet usage where you can monitor it is required for your success.

Creation and maintenance of an “Air Gap” from your production network to the Internet isn’t a theoretical thing–meeting the audit standards of the major studios and industry trade groups requires that you meet specific requirements.

Our solution does all of that, and it can be had for both short- and long-term projects at a very affordable monthly rate.

Don’t lose out on a bid because you can’t meet your customer’s rules.

"These 27 audit rules are amazing, and number 8 will blow you away!"

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Your customer isn't joking about Air Gapping your network

It seems like such a small thing. And of course you can solve it by throwing a lot of time, money and resources at it, but why should you, when Sohonet’s AirGap Browsing service can be added to your network?

With support for a wide range of internal policies and enough capacity for your team, regardless of size, there’s no reason to go it alone.

Hold our beer, we’ve got this.

Variable policies

Set policies for access control, white- and blacklists or downloads.

Protect against viruses and malware

Websites run in a virtual machine, ensuring that nothing can be executed on your production workstations or propagated on your network.

Works with existing PCs

Using a browser plugin or stand-alone app, you can easily control how the internet is accessed on your production network.


Dedicate a portion of your internet bandwidth to ensure the team is able to get online without impacting other parts of the business. Access websites with very little noticeable lag while maintaining security.


Add users as needed to keep pace with growth of your team.


Avoid the need for maintaining a separate network of PCs for accessing the internet.

Features overview

AirGap Browsing is a server-based solution hosted on the Sohonet Media Network which enables users inside your network to browse the internet without a direct connection from their network to the internet.

With the ability to manage multiple levels of access control, maintain centralized white- or blacklists, determine the users’ ability to download files and generate comprehensive reports, AirGap Browsing ticks all the boxes for maintaining the strictest security audit compliance, while also minimizing the risk of infection from malware or viruses.

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AirGap Browsing Resources & Downloads

AirGap Browsing Overview Datasheet

Learn how to browse smart and safely with our AirGap Browsing Service

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