Align vision and keep your clients and team on side, on time and on target

Productions are getting bigger, more ambitious, and more international. There are more moving parts, more people involved, more VFX and more opportunity for creativity at every stage. Which is fantastic, but it comes with some new challenges for Post Supervisors.

Sohonet’s Emmy award-winning real-time review and approval tools – ClearView Flex and ClearView Pivot, help bring your teams together across studios, time zones and continents.

Keeping clients connected

Flexible Remote Review with ClearView Flex

ClearView Flex provides creative teams with a user-friendly
tool to stream live, encrypted video & audio with sub-100ms of
latency from any source edit, VFX workstation, camera, video
village etc… via HDMI or SDI to up to 30 viewers.

Live content is easily viewable on any internet-connected
device with no extra equipment at the viewer’s end, making
it of special value to those working from home.

The tech supports 5.1 surround sound & 2K resolution
in 10-bit colour. No time-consuming pre-rendering, uploads,
file transfers, downloads – just near-zero latency and rock-solid
frame rate.

High-Quality Remote Review with ClearView Pivot

ClearView Pivot is the highest-quality remote review tool on the market and gives you the quality of review you would expect in a grading suite or screening room, but remotely.

Share colour and frame-accurate footage in 4K HDR with
12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling in real-time
with ultra-low latency.

Plus, Pivot enables you to host productive multipoint review
sessions. You can connect multiple endpoints using a simple
web interface, removing the labour and time-intensive task
of setting up new firewall configurations each time.

“With ClearView Flex the latency is fantastic. It’s basically instantaneous. You can stop the stream and ask for a check on a specific frame and all parties know exactly the spot being talked about — because it’s instant.”

Josh Baca / Conform Artist, Technologist and Partner at Arsenal

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