Perform real-time audio reviews with remote collaborators and clients

Sound production is a busy time, with review sessions requiring input from multiple stakeholders often scattered across the globe. No one wants to lose audio through poor downmixing. ClearView enables a seamless ‘over-the-shoulder’ review experience for remote storytellers who need to collaborate in real time.

Keeping clients connected

Flexible Remote Review with ClearView Flex

Emmy-winning ClearView Flex gives sound artists a user-friendly tool to stream live, encrypted audio & video with sub-100ms of latency from any source (e.g. Avid Pro Tools) via HDMI or SDI to tablets, phones, laptops or Apple TV – for up to 30 viewers.

Flex supports a 5.1 surround sound setup on Apple TV on most commercial home setups and offers precise audio bitrate control, so users can prioritise audio delivery where bandwidth is limited.

High-Quality Remote Review with ClearView Pivot

Where bandwidth limits are less of a concern, ClearView Pivot offers 16 channels of uncompressed audio and a truly next-level review experience. Users don’t have to worry about downmixing, and nothing gets lost in translation.

Composers, sound designers, sound editors and sound-effects artists can all use Pivot to stream frame-accurate footage to remote collaborators and execs in real time – creating a screening room-quality review, at the click of a button.

“It was Disney who recommended [Flex] to me. Immediately, I could see that this was a game changer. All of a sudden, we could review mixes in real time and bring everyone in on ClearView to look at material at the same time as if they were in the room.”

Marcus Zalewski / Owner and Sound Mixer, Martell Sound

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