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Case Study: Sohonet FileRunner
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Europe’s leading film lab, Cinelab London (Star Wars, Burberry, Nike, Smirnoff) remains ‘the’ go- to place for individuals in search of high-quality film and digital restoration services.

They count the world’s major studios, independents, production houses and archives as clients.

"Our clients love FileRunner’s ease of use and the simplicity of the browser-based interface. Being encrypted and secure also ticks the boxes for our clients and us."

John Mahtani, CCO at Cinelab London
John Mahtani, CCO at Cinelab London
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The Challenge

Business was booming for Cinelab.

Shooting on film has had a huge revival in recent years, with film-makers across both feature-length film and commercials choosing to return to the medium. To better highlight this growth: in 2015, Cinelab worked on 15 commercials. By 2016 this was at 26 and in 2017 the number hit 157. So suddenly Cinelab was dealing with a lot more work and a lot more content (the bulk of which was delivered to them in a physical form).

Once they process and digitalise the footage, they then need to return it to various global clients securely and quickly. Before using FileRunner, they were using an FTP site for file transfer, meaning they had to walk every client through downloading the files and using the site. It was a slow, time-consuming process.

When you must go faster and do more,

it never comes at a convenient time
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The Solution

Cinelab now use FileRunner to securely share files of unlimited size and quantity to their clients worldwide on a daily basis.As the FileRunner interface is so simple, Cinelab’s internal team as well as their clients can use the tool without any need for training of hand-holding — saving the business both time and money.

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The Results

Using FileRunner has enabled Cinelab to share and collaborate on large files quickly and securely, whilst offering their clients with a secure, self-explanatory, browser based tool.

And since much of the footage they receive is delivered to them in physical form, which they then process and digitalise, FileRunner has helped speed up their workflow by enabling them to quickly return all this content to their various clients.

Streamlined Operations
Cost Savings
Time Savings
Flexible & Secure Service to their clients, wherever they may be
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