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Case Study: Sohonet ClearView Flex
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As an award-winning creative ad agency, Create Advertising (The Greatest Showman, Baby Driver, The King’s Speech, Absolutely Fabulous) collaborate on amazing content with partners across the media spectrum.

They hold the mantra that ‘the best campaigns benefit from a collaborative approach’ and with a passion for innovation, stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to facilitate security and flexibility for their clients.

"We can now live edit with clients outside of LA that we could not do so with before, as well as with clients that don’t have the specialized circuits or equipment that the traditional method requires without sacrificing security. Because of that freedom, we can also use ClearView internally when our producers are outside of the office, which they absolutely love."

Chris Slagel, Director of Technology
Chris Slagel, Create Advertising, Director of Technology
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The Challenge

Making editorial decisions has traditionally required getting people together in the same room to collaborate… which can be a costly and time-consuming.

Create’s key challenge was to offer their clients and partners increased flexibility when reviewing cuts of their ads and trailers, whilst delivering on faster timelines and ensuring their valuable assets remained protected. However, such a balancing act is not easy. As their Director of Technology — Chris Slagel — put it, “the slightest delay or hiccup can upset a client, so I have to make sure my team stays alert and on top of things at all times.


Protecting their client’s assets was a number one priority for Create. Handling some of the feature film world’s most exclusive content, they work with many clients whose security requirements may typically forbid the use of the cloud. So when looking to streamline processes, they had to look for secure and industry-approved tools to help get the job done.

Live Editing Sessions

Being able to do secure live editing sessions with their clients is a big part of Create’s business, but they found the current process for secure remote collaboration to be a bit archaic. They wanted to find a more flexible solution that would enable them to live edit with clients outside of LA as well as with clients securely, but didn’t demand the specialized circuits or heaps of equipment that the traditional methods required.

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The Solution

Fully-Managed SaaS, Backed by 24/7/365 Expert Support

By using ClearView Flex, Create could offer their clients the ability to review and approve live, encrypted video streams straight from the editing room in real-time on their laptops, tablets or smartphones from anywhere in the world through their browser or the app.

Balancing the need for speed, security and ease of use, ClearView Flex’s streams are ultra low-latency (only 2 frames, plus the speed of light) and provide for top studio security needs by encrypting the streams through a secure link with unique session ID.

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The Results

ClearView Flex allowed Create to make critical connections between key collaborators at the right times, giving them more options on how to conduct their craft and business.

Streamlined Operations
Cost Savings
Time Savings
Flexible & Secure Service to their clients, wherever they may be
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Learn more about ClearView

See the exact same real-time video of the highest quality (2K, 3D, 4K) with your global collaborators, as if you were in the same room or edit bay together

For team members and executives “on-the-go”, it’s the definitive instant review tool for keeping everyone in the loop anywhere at anytime on any device.