Grading Shane Meadows, "The Virtues" remotely with Dirty Looks

Case Study: ClearView Flex

Specialists in colour grading and mastering of independent British feature films, Dirty Looks collaborates with directors across a range of projects from the Jonathan Glazer’s critically acclaimedUNDER THE SKIN, award-winning Nick Cave film, 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH to Danny Boyle’s LONDON 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

"I knew that we could trust what he (the director) was looking at. And more importantly he trusts it too. He absolutely loves this workflow."

Tom Balkwill, Colourist & Owner of Dirty Looks
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The Challenge

Tom had been experimenting with remote grading for years – recognising it as a fantastic way to collaborate and enhance the creative process when not everyone could be in the same room at the same time. When he began working with Nottingham based (award-winning) director Shane Meadows on the upcoming TV drama ‘The Virtues’, they needed a solution which would allow Shane to review the colour grade remotely from his home edit studio, without requiring bespoke hardware and massive broadband at each end. 

Call the shots in real-time

from anywhere
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The Solution

Real-time Remote Creative Collaboration

Dirty Looks employed Sohonet’s real-time collaboration tool, ClearView Flex, which enabled them to stream their content securely to the director’s web browser or tablet, where he could then review the edit/grading sessions in real-time,  despite his connection being consumer broadband.

Tom had carefully calibrated a bespoke monitor and installed it at Shane’s home himself, so both he and Shane could trust what they were looking at, as a colour match to Dirty Looks Dolby monitor back in Wardour St. 

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The Results

Using ClearView Flex provides both Dirty Looks and their clients with a secure and flexible workflow they ‘love’. 

Dirty Looks are now empowering their clients to make decisions in real-time from wherever they are in the world, helping them to stay involved in each vital step of the post-production workflow without having to travel long distances or book time out of their busy schedules to review the content at the facility itself. 

Streamlined Operations
Cost Savings
Time Savings
Flexible & Secure Service to their clients, wherever they may be
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