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Case Study: FileRunner

A supporter of emerging talent, Sohonet first met producer turned director Jemilah Findlay during their sponsorship of London-based short film competition Homespun Yarns. Findlay was producing on Ben Gough’s film, ‘How a Kite Flies’ starring Sir Ian McKellan. All of the four shortlisted film makers were provided the use of FileRunner to speed up the file sharing process and allow the teams to focus on their creative. Noticing the potential in Jemilah’s upcoming directorial work, Sohonet extended the services of their FileRunner software to her next intriguing project, ‘Facebook Me’ – her directorial debut.

“Sohonet’s achievement of a secure way to send rushes over the Internet was priceless. It effectively gave us an extra team member, as no one needed to make the physical journey with the footage”

Jemilah Findlay, Director
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The Challenge

Both productions were running to incredibly tight schedules and budgets with limited crew. A key challenge was finding a way to get the rushes to the Editors who were situated at great distances from their locations and due to the time-pressured nature of both projects, working remotely with all Post Production Departments was crucial to achieving the deadlines.

File transfer

minus the headache
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The Solution

Large capacity, high-performance file transfer

FileRunner enabled the production teams to securely and quickly send rushes to their editors and team members to facilitate effective collaboration across the project. They were also using FileRunner to send and download various cuts from the films so they could comment and work on the content remotely, helping to speed up the production workflow and enable them to juggle multiple tasks.

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The Results

Using FileRunner on both productions meant that the team could securely and quickly send rushes — effectively giving them “an extra team member”, as no one needed to make the physical journey with the footage. It also solved the problem they faced when their content was too large/sensitive to send via email or other file-transfer tools available to them.

Streamlined Workflows
Time Savings
Simplified collaboration process
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