"Removing Collaboration Challenges with Remote Real-Time Review" for Goldcrest Films

Case Study: Sohonet ClearView Flex & ClearView HD

Spanning two sites in the heart of Soho (London), and with a third site in New York, Goldcrest Films has maintained its reputation as a leading international production, post-production, finance and distribution provider since its conception back in 1977.

They partner with the foremost distributors globally, implementing strategies at each stage of production that maximize the value of the film to buyers and audiences.

Goldcrest is a market leading supplier of Academy and BAFTA Award winning picture and sound post production services for film and broadcast projects.

"both these products have allowed the team to escape logistical nightmares, by taking advantage of high quality, real-time collaboration, no matter what continent they are in"

Richard Barnes, Head of IT
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The Challenge

To facilitate internal and customer meetings and review sessions on a daily basis, Goldcrest’s globally distributed team had to constantly deal with logistical nightmares and extensive travel.

  • Constantly shifting customer demands and requirements
  • Increasingly tighter deadlines
  • Creative resource simultaneously working on multiple projects in disparate locations

Ensuring the right people were in the right places at all times was a considerable operational juggling act, especially for production critical processes like color-grading and review and approval (which often need people in the same room all together).

To address the pain of so many moving parts, Goldcrest needed to find the right set of collaborative tools that enable them to look after their staff and customers’ needs, whether they were looking to color grade in different parts of the world or needed to quickly and simply check work on an ad hoc basis.

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The Solution

Goldcrest uses both of Sohonet’s flagship Remote Collaboration services — ClearView HD and ClearView Flex — to keep their global team in touch with multiple collaborators in real-time, without needing to all be in the same room.

ClearView HD allows Goldcrest to conduct color grading sessions with directors and producers, while they are far away from the editing bay across continents and oceans. This is all made possible thanks to Sohonet’s ability to provide secure streams of 2K+ Footage with virtually no latency.

ClearView Flex enables directors and producers to review and approve content in real-time on their laptops, tablets and smartphones from anywhere in the world. Balancing the need for speed, security, and ease of use, the Flex’s streams are ultra low latency (only 2 frames, plus the speed of light) and provide for top studio security needs by encrypting the streams through a secure link with unique session ID.

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The Results

With Sohonet’s ClearView Flex and ClearView HD helping them make critical connections between collaborators at the right times, Goldcrest enjoyed streamlined operations, cost & time savings, and the ability to deliver better service and product to their customers the world round.

Provided increased flexibility for team to take on more projects in multiple locations
Decreased travel costs
Peace of Mind, counting on a Fully-Managed Service backed by 24/7 Support
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Learn more about ClearView

See the exact same real-time video of the highest quality (2K, 3D, 4K) with your global collaborators, as if you were in the same room or edit bay together

For team members and executives “on-the-go”, it’s the definitive instant review tool for keeping everyone in the loop anywhere at anytime on any device.