"Bandwidth & Capacity Optimization for VFX Rendering" with Framestore

A Sohonet & Google Cloud Interconnect Case Study

Framestore is a BAFTA and Oscar-awarding winning creative studio that offers a range of visual effects, production, direction and post production services to its customers.

Framestore uses Google Cloud to do the heavy-lifting for their VFX Rendering process.

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"Sohonet have been a trusted and well-connected partner, who have been instrumental in helping us expand our compute abilities beyond in-house walls."

Steve MacPherson, CTO
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The Challenge

  • Render farm running at capacity
  • Needed to get work done sooner
  • Artists sitting around waiting for jobs to finish
  • No more space/money in machine room

The Need to Go Faster

never comes at a convenient time
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The Solution

Framestore was able to use Sohonet FastLane to streamline and accelerate direct connection to Google Cloud to get the job done.

  • Burstable network connectivity at 3Gbps+
  • 6000+ Cores
  • Secure Multipath VPN Solution
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The Results

Sohonet Fastlane and Google Compute Engine allowed Framestore to meet deadlines and deliver a superior product.

Maximized bandwidth and compute capacity, allowing for flexibility with jobs done in house or via cloud rendering
Reduced the amount of wasted time spent by artists waiting for jobs to finish
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