"Predictable Capacity for VFX Rendering" with Milk VFX

A Sohonet & Google Cloud Interconnect Case Study

Milk VFX is a London-based visual effects company focused on creating innovative and complex sequences for TV and feature film markets.

They use Google Cloud to do the heavy-lifting for their VFX Rendering process.

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"Having our secure and dedicated connection to GCE enables us to confidently pitch on bigger projects, knowing we have rendering capabilities behind us if required — without worrying about where we'll put the extra render nodes if required."

Dave Goodbourn, Head of Systems
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The Challenge

  • Project lifecycle means purchasing servers, software, cooling, etc. — doesn’t always make financial sense
  • Need to be able to grow and shrink compute capacity to match demand

The Need to Go Faster

never comes at a convenient time
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The Solution

By using Sohonet Fastlane, Milk VFX was able to seamlessly connect to Google Cloud in a manner that would let them scale cloud computing resources cost-effectively.

  • Burstable network connectivity, from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps+
  • 2000+ Cores
  • Secure Multipath VPN Solution
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The Results

Sohonet Fastlane and Google Compute Engine allowed Milk VFX to pitch on bigger projects and match their OPEX with client proposal

More horsepower than available in house
Rendering costs can be modeled into client pitches
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