The M&E industry never stands still: there are always new challenges to overcome. But with the right tools, these challenges lead to new opportunities, and smarter ways of working


You’re operating in a high-stakes environment where content needs to be transferred through the pipeline quickly and tight deadlines need to be met. Whether you’re working with the cloud or your own network, you should never have to choose between speed and security, even if you’re in a remote location off-lot. Strong, solid and secure connectivity is the foundation for a smooth workflow.

Remote Collaboration

We’re getting increasingly used to working with distributed teams. But wherever people are based, creatives in particular need to be able to collaborate as if they’re in the same room – especially when it comes to reviewing and approving content. This comes down to having the right tools, so creatives and collaborators can view content and communicate in real-time from anywhere.

On-Demand Infrastructure

With higher quality, more ambitious content comes the need for storage, rendering and compute power. M&E content is only getting more technically challenging. Plus, thanks to the likes of 4K and HDR video, VR and huge VFX rendering requirements, file sizes are bigger than the industry has ever known. You need flexible solutions that scale to fit your budget and your changing needs throughout your projects.

Media Security

You don’t need us to tell you that your data and your content are incredibly sensitive, and need to be secure. Even when end-users are off site, your network continues to transfer, render and transcode files, so systems need monitoring around the clock. On top of this viruses, malware, and ransomware continually evolve, and while your vendors keep up with updates, you need to evaluate these changes.