Connect effortlessly, transfer securely

Introducing Multiport

Flexibilty to scale your network operations

Sohonet understands the natural ebb and flow of productions. Whether it’s adapting to the different stages of a project, dialling up a particular technology, or keeping staff connected, now more than ever there’s a need for fluidity – to be flexible and reconfigurable.

A perfect fit for every stage of production

Whether adapting to different stages of production, dialling up network services, keeping staff connected, control the flow with Multiport. Reconfigure bandwidth across Sohonet Media Network, Internet, Fastlane, WAN & MPLS so you can move with the flow of production.

When networks work well, so can you

Put connectivity first

Patchy connections and slow network speeds can put content, timelines, and ultimately your deadlines at risk. The solution? Uncontended connectivity with guaranteed speeds.

Keep content private

When you’re transferring and sharing files, the public internet opens you up to increased risk of hacking or leaks. A private network keeps valuable content to your eyes only.

Harness the cloud

Reliable transfer to the cloud

Even when your connection is strong, cloud-based services over the open internet can be unreliable when congested, slowing you down. Speed things up with private cloud access.

See costs clearly

Egress charges are one of the cloud’s biggest hidden costs. An open, transparent pricing structure is a welcome alternative.

Your production demands a fast turnaround

Bringing global teams together

You might be shooting in a studio or in the middle of the desert. Either way, it’s vital your location has the tech in place to share files and collaborate remotely with teams or stakeholders based elsewhere.

Get production spaces set up fast

When you get the green light you can’t afford to waste time. You need service providers to act fast and set up a studio or location with the tech support you need in a matter of hours, not weeks.