Media Security

Keep high-value data and sensitive content safe

Internal IT and security teams are under pressure

Security assurance day and night

Whether it’s overnight or when users are offsite, your networks need to keep rendering, compressing and transcoding files. You need systems monitored and working around the clock – even when you can’t.

Hackers are working harder

Viruses, malware, ransomware all continue to evolve. You need reassurance that your security software can handle any threats, and that updates are evaluated and deployed at the right time.

Finding confidence in the cloud

Controlling access to your content

With multiple collaborators and widespread teams, your content can be at risk whilst on the move. Careful permissions management and encryption are key.

Highly available data is a must

When dealing with cloud systems, outside forces aren’t the only threat. You need solutions to be resilient to failure, so data is always available when you need it.

Trusted solutions for easy approval

Control access to content

Collaboration produces great content, but using a wider source of talent extends your perimeter of trust. You need to stay in control of the content you share.

Studio security demands

The process of going through a studio audit can be painful. Working with vendors who help you through this with pre-approved solutions and tools makes it a lot easier.