Remote Collaboration

Empower creative teams no matter their location

Effective communication is key

Instant feedback, faster outcomes

Seamless communication within and between teams around the globe is vital, especially for review sessions in post-production, to make important changes without delaying other workflows.

“Real-time” tools are rarely real-time

Traditional streaming hardware products suffer when they run over the internet, resulting in streams that lag. Communication then becomes difficult and directions can be misinterpreted.

Accommodating your team’s individual needs

Finer details get lost in translation

For critical remote reviews, you can‘t afford to lose a single pixel of an artist’s work in the streaming process – especially when it comes to grading and VFX. Colour and picture fidelity are paramount.

Working across multiple platforms and devices

For flexible and on-the-go collaboration, hardware solutions confined to certain devices don’t cut it. You should be able to bring people together easily, on any platform and any device that suits them.

Transferring content quickly

Share big files fast

Sending multi-gigabyte or terabyte-sized files is tricky. Many file-transfer solutions are slow and require expensive software that’s complex to install. An unlimited, server-free solution is the answer.

Tech tools shouldn’t be a headache

Introducing new tools can be a pain for post-production teams and those managing them. You need tools that are simple to use, and that require minimal equipment and training.