ClearView HD

Real-time remote collaboration. For real.

Tired of this view?

Discover the cure for long security lines and red-eye flights.

Timely collaborative review is mission-critical.

But it's also a logistical nightmare.

Consider the aspects of your production cycle that require a good hard look, like editing and color-grading. Every frame or pixel counts here, and milliseconds matter.

All parties involved need to see the same high quality video in real-time to make the important decisions. However, getting the whole team together in the same place at the same time isn’t always easy or cost-effective when the clock is ticking.

Scattered Talent & Teams

Key members of your production and post-production teams are increasingly scattered across continents and oceans

Network Latency Limitations

Standard internet-based solutions for remote collaboration just aren’t fast enough for the most demanding tasks

“Plug and Pray” is No Way to Live

The promise of many solutions is that they work right out of the box, until they don’t.

“Nice Production Schedule You Got There, Be a Shame if Somethin’ Happened to It”

Running your own 24/7 global support team? How’s that working for you?

Traditionally teams have had to bite the bullet and fly around the world to get stuff done together in the same room (much to the dismay of countless directors, cinematographers, editors, and production finance teams).

But when you just can’t be together in the same room, ClearView HD gives you the next best thing. And with support for 3D and 4K video as well, you can easily leave your passport at home next time.

the next best thing to being there

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Save yourself a few plane trips with ClearView HD.

Sohonet ClearView is a fully-managed remote collaboration solution for high-quality, real-time color grading, editing, digital intermediates and approvals. ClearView includes hardware and private network bandwidth without the CAPEX – or any of the hassle. With ClearView, there’s no need to fly across the world for an editing session, ClearView is the next best thing to being there.

Sohonet ClearView offers private, dedicated connectivity to ensure that network bandwidth requirements are met. Our flexible pricing models allow for short-term production projects, as well as long-term service needs. Additionally, Sohonet provides full service and 24/7 support including remote monitoring and management of the network for a comprehensive solution that takes the technical burden away from you.

High-quality, true color images

Tried and true when shared over any distance

Coupled with world class video conferencing

In addition to your main video stream, work with remote colleagues as if you are seeing each other in the same room too.

Reduce your team's need to travel

Give your team less stress and more precious time back


Private dedicated bandwidth and low latency to support 2K, 2K3D & 4K workflows


Standard I/O for maximum compatibility with existing local suites


  • Cut down on your team’s travel budget
  • Fully managed service with 24/7 support

Features overview

  • Each user has 2 screens – 1 for the shared content and the other for video conferencing
  • Extremely low latency allows for 2K, 4K or 3D workflows good enough for projection
  • Private dedicated bandwidth provided to ensure network is matched to requirement
ClearView HD
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Who Uses ClearView HD

Selected case study

Read about ClearView HD in action
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Goldcrest Films: Global Collaboration through Remote Real-Time Review

Using both ClearView Flex and ClearView HD to streamline operations and reduce travel costs

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ClearView HD Resources & Downloads

ClearView HD Overview Datasheet

Learn more about what you can do with ClearView HD and how it works

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Getting Started with ClearView HD


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