Creative workspaces & production studios

Connecting leading studios and workspaces around the world

Keeping clients connected

Where we can help you

Infrastructure to support your workflows

Secure, fully managed network across your whole site with infrastructure built to support the workflows of media tenants and productions

Keep your media tenants connected

With access to the largest private fibre network for M&E your creative tenants can collaborate across the globe with speed, security and delivery assurance.

Media-optimised tools and solutions

Support your customers with media-optimised infrastructure, fast connectivity and remote collaboration tools.

Meeting the demands of M&E


Creative workspace partners

We help create secure, flexible workspaces for facilities or every shape and size, with infrastructure designed to support media workflows.


Production studio partners

We provide and manage the specific on-site services most productions expect, helping you meet the needs of your clientele.



We provide expert guidance on the right solution for each tenant/ production with ongoing 24/7 support.


Leading distribution studios work with us

We work with every major distribution studio, providing studio-approved tools and services for your tenants’ peace of mind.

Flexible pricing/ service structure

The tech needs of production teams can be unpredictable, so our contracts, service structure and pricing models are made to be as flexible as possible. We ensure your tenants can get productions up and running quickly, and they can tailor their offering: tenants can sign contracts for a day or a year – whatever suits – and can scale bandwidth and service as needed.

Accommodate the needs of your media tenants

Provide your tenants with access to the full range of connectivity and collaboration infrastructure. From networking and security through to file transfer, storage and remote collaboration solutions, we have the tools to support every one of your tenants, whether they’re freelance editors or a full-blown production of 300 spanning multiple stages.

Site-wide infrastructure 

No matter your size or location we can get your site setup quickly with connectivity, phones, WiFi and video surveillance.

Largest media network for M&E

Your tenants can make use of the Sohonet Media Network and connect with 500+  M&E companies quickly and securely.

Network security

We provide your customers with a safe way to transfer valuable and critical content with confidence.

Share, stream and store content

We provide access to a range of file-transfer, storage and real-time collaboration tools to help tenants work effectively and securely from your site.

Cloud acceleration

Access the full range of remote cloud storage and compute solutions securely from your facility, all with high-speed access.

24/7 support

We can offer you technical support, and offer tenants guidance on the services they’ll need at different stages of their workflow.

“Sohonet has long-standing relationships with studios and networks to develop matching security protocols. This was a big plus for us as IT and security people at the studios were completely aware of Sohonet.”

Corey Walton / VP of Post Production, Statement Advertising