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File Transfer is uniquely challenging for Media & Entertainment

Don't get slowed down by a solution that is not tailored to your needs

From production to post-production to VFX, media companies have highly-specialized requirements when it comes to sharing and transferring files with remote collaborators.

Un­common­ly Huge Files

Moving multi-gigabyte or terabyte-sized files is still tricky

Chang­ing Traffic Demands

Some days, your file transfer load is steady-state. Other days, it’s a deluge.

Lots of Collab­ora­tors

Your project team is growing inside your office (or hemisphere) and outside.

Content Security

With so many collaborators and prying eyes, moving your precious content both quickly AND securely is challenging

There are a number of software and cloud-based solutions to these challenges. But they can be slow, consume network bandwidth, or require elaborate software and server installations that are expensive to implement and secure. And many of these products would not easily meet the rigorous audit standards of the major studios and M&E trade organizations.

And sure, you could also consider overnighting hard drives through a courier services too. But would that really help you sleep at night?

we had to build a new kind of fast

FileRunner Logo

With FileRunner, media professionals can hit deadlines with ease.

Sohonet FileRunner is the only file transfer service on a dedicated private network. With FileRunner, you can share files of unlimited size through the browser, with no plug-ins, software or server installs. Let’s face it, size does matter and with Sohonet FileRunner, transferring large files just became much easier and more secure.

FileRunner saves time by eliminating the aggravation of installing plug-ins, additional software or servers. FileRunner allows you to send files of unlimited size through the browser. The file recipient will download content via a link sent in an email notification.

When there’s no time to waste and large files need to be transferred, use FileRunner to quickly and securely send your assets through our simple interface.

Truly "Unlimited" File Transfer

Transfer files of any size or quantity to any of your team members or collaborators.

Browser-Based Simplicity

Got a computer? Of course you do. Senders and receivers only need a standard web browser to easily transfer files. No software installs or special plugins required.

Media Optimized Tools & Workflow

Built specifically for media professionals. Includes workflow tools to optimize project productivity while ensuring optimal content security.


Leverages the full speed of your Sohonet Media Network connection to transfer your sensitive files.


Easily manage transfers to an unlimited number of parties on an unlimited number or projects.


CAPEX-Free as a Fully-Managed Service: No software installs, no plugins, no hardware, no maintenance.

Features overview

  • The only file transfer service on a dedicated private network
  • Browser-based media asset transfer application; Recipients download content via a link in an email notification making it easy to transfer files to anyone
  • Send files of unlimited size through the browser (no plug-ins, software or server installs)
  • Transfer to both “on-net” Sohonet Media Network connections and off-net internet destinations
  • Leverages Sohonet FileStore as the underlying storage technology, making it fast, secure and reliable and obviating the need for local server installs

FileRunner Resource & Downloads

FileRunner Overview Datasheet

Get more details on the in-and-outs of the FileRunner platform

FileRunner User Guide

How to get the most out of your FileRunner service

FileRunner Security Guide

Learn how we keep your precious content snug and secure in transfer (and after)

Getting Started with FileRunner

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