Cloud Storage, empowered for your media workflows

Why just buy storage?

...wouldn't you rather have a solution that actually DOES something?

Complex jobs need smart storage.

Our customers want solutions, not a box of parts.

We know that our customers can buy all the storage they need, so we have focused on joining forces with industry leaders in access control, project parking, caching and metadata extraction to offer packages that meet your needs.

Store Your Big Files Without a “Use Tax”

Don’t pay fees for upload and download of your assets.

Shifting Storage Demands

Add or remove capacity as you need it.

Tool & Workflow Requirements

If your storage doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your production tools, it’s going to cause major workflow disruptions and slow down your whole process.

Content Security

The privacy of your content is mission critical, so security requirements cannot be skipped in the name of pure performance.

Sure, you could build your own on-premise storage solution in house, but that entails considerable ongoing system costs and overhead (CAPEX, people, power/cooling, etc.) that you may not want to invest in.

So the cloud is the way to go, but not all cloud storage is created equal. Standard cloud storage vendors may not meet customer requirements when it comes to workflow compatibility, industry-mandated security, and supporting low-latency applications. Plus, you may be subject to considerably expensive egress and ingress charge when using cloud services that may make you question why you ever took your storage solution off-premise in the first place.

sometimes, you need "a bigger boat"

Never overpay. Never run out-of-space. Never settle for storage that doesn't fit your workflow.

Sohonet FileStore offers high-performance, reliable and secure private cloud storage that’s optimized for Media & Entertainment work. With robust integration capabilities to third party services, it’s particularly well-suited for project parking, backup and archiving-off premises, with the ability to burst your maximum storage capacity as needed.

In looking for the ideal way to bring private cloud storage to our customers, we have evolved from a bare bones per terabyte pricing model to a platform that is designed around specific customer problems, from archiving and disaster recovery to project parking and advanced intelligent workspaces. And of course, FileStore wouldn’t be a Sohonet product if it didn’t allow you to add storage to your package for short or long-term projects.

At its core, FileStore is seamlessly integrated within our Media Network and can be accessed on-demand, utilizing the full speed of your Sohonet connection. By making those capabilities available to a wide range of solution partners, we are able to offer packages aimed at many of the problems our customers face today, all without the need for CAPEX budgeting.

Fits with Your Tools & Project Requirements

  • Storage bundles designed to meet your project needs
  • Works with low latency applications
  • Numerous Media & Entertainment service integrations

Rigorous Security

Meets the standards of MPAA audit & security guidelines — with audit trail logging, encryption-in-transit & at-rest, and SOC-compliant data centres.

Strong Disaster Recovery & Failover

Built-in replication, with your choice of 2- or 3-copy redundancy


High speed, low latency access wth guaranteed throughput via the Sohonet Media Network


Burst for extra storage capacity as needed on-demand, without affecting performance


  • Competitive, flexible utility-based pricing model — pay for what you use
  • No fees for data ingress of egress
  • CAPEX-Free Service, fully-managed by M&E storage experts on call 24/7

Features overview

  • High Volume, Private Cloud Storage solution that works with your workflows — with particular optimisation for Film & Media
  • Ready-made solutions for project parking, back-up and archiving, and more
  • Tight integrations with services such as GrayMeta, Qstar, Marquis, Storage Made Easy, and more.
  • Transfer to both “on-net” Sohonet Media Network connections and off-net internet destinations
  • Leverages Sohonet FileStore as the underlying storage technology, making it fast, secure and reliable and obviating the need for local server installs

FileStore is also the underlying storage technology that powers Sohonet FileRunner, providing the temporary home for tens of thousands of file transfer packages every month.

FileStore Resource & Downloads

FileStore Overview Datasheet

Learn more about what you can do with FileStore

Get Started with FileStore


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