6 SuperSkills for Directors

How to be good in the room – remotely


Get all the tech and tips for sharing your vision and maintaining momentum from previs to post to ensure you’re on top of you 6 SuperSkills for Directors. Let’s talk logistics for a second. Everyone needs your time and attention. Cast and crew need you to review their work, re-energise the vision and keep the whole creative engine rolling. But when there’s only one of you – and hundreds of them – how can you be in all the critical conversations? 

Download this guide to read what leading directors from film, TV and commercials say about: 

  • how better collaboration in prep gives you more time on set
  • new ways to keep off-site creatives aligned with the vision
  • recreating that real-time, ‘in-the-room’ review feeling
  • balancing detail and big picture in your notes