Supercharged Collaboration with ClearView & Moxion

Sohonet and Moxion have partnered to help creatives collaborate effectively in this new era for our industry.  With Sohonet and Moxion together on your team, you can work the way that’s most effective for you. Your creatives and crew can review footage, add mark-ups and make key creative decisions as a team, either in real-time or in your own time.

When you need a decision there and then, Sohonet’s ClearView Pivot and ClearView Flex provide a flexible, real-time solution. For the times schedules clash, Moxion gives you options to view dailies in your own time from anywhere with annotation capabilities. You can easily mark-up shots with notes on the frames, complete with timecodes, quickly marking changes in preparation for a wider team review.Supercharged Collaboration with ClearView & Moxion