Supporting off-set creatives

Whether creatives are working off-set because your stages are split, because COVID restrictions are keeping them at home, or they’re freelancers; your off-set creatives need to be able to collaborate seamlessly. Uninterrupted workflows are paramount: everything must be in keeping with what the main-unit director and DP have envisioned. If the weather’s wrong, or the cameras focus or focal length is off, then the shot will need to be redone. And off-site editorial and VFX teams need daily check-ins to keep work on track. ClearView’s real-time remote collaboration tools bridge the gap between split units and bring together off-set creatives, minimising the chance for miscommunication and expensive reshoots, helping you stick to those all-important schedules. For the times when schedules clash, we have partnered with Moxion to give you options to view dailies in your own time from anywhere with annotation capabilities.