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With hundreds of firewalls under management world-wide, the Security Team at Sohonet has the experience and resources to configure, maintain and monitor your network.

Whether it is ensuring that every device has the latest patches and updates to deploying hot-spares, we cover the basics as well as the tricky bits: Namely, managing inbound and outbound traffic rules, VLAN and subnet configurations and integrated Threat Detection and Intrusion Prevention software.

Coupled with the 24/7/365 monitoring and support of your Sohonet Media Network connection and you have an unbeatable combination for performance and security.

Complex networks can be complex to manage

While individual segments of a network may be relatively simple to understand, based on local usage, when taken as part of a whole, changes can have unexpected impacts elsewhere.

Your team needs to sleep

Even when your end users are not on site, the network continues to do some heavy lifting: File Transfer, Rendering, Transcoding, Compression. So, who’s watching out for the network in the middle of the night?

There’s no such thing as ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to network security

Viruses, malware, trojan horses, ransomware–these continue to evolve. Your equipment vendor will work to keep up with patches and updates, but who will evaluate these changes, and deploy them in the right combination, with appropriate timing and urgency?

Work still needs to get done

The perfectly secure network exists–it just doesn’t have any users. When your team is driving to a deadline and needs a port opened, a firewall rule changed, the success of the project may well depend on it.

With over 400 customer sites on our network, our team manages thousands upon thousands of devices around the world. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years for some of the most demanding customers (yes, we’re looking at you). We specialize in developing solutions tailored to your needs and challenges, but with the knowledge gained from two decades specializing in Media and Entertainment.

Isn’t it time you took a look at what we can do for your security team?

7847 days without a break, but who's counting?

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We live and breathe security so that you don't have to.

When you sign up for Sohonet’s Managed Firewall service, we will consult with you select and configure the appropriate devices and then take on the work of monitoring, reporting and managing your firewalls, alongside your Sohonet Media Network connection. This combination is unbeatable for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

You can play as active or passive a role in this process as you wish — we will take our lead from you and ensure that your needs are anticipated and then met.

As with all Sohonet services, we have tailored our Managed Firewall services to suit a wide range of company needs and sizes. We leverage deep industry experience and our relationships with our key vendors — Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto — to ensure that our offerings remain viable for your application throughout the life of the service. And with the flexibility for short- or long-term contracts, there’s just no need to skimp on security.

The right stuff

We use a carefully-curated selection of equipment from leading vendors to tailor a solution for you.

Follow the sun

Enjoy the peace-of-mind offered by a 24/7 Global Support Team that’s always looking out for you.

Almost clairvoyant

We aren’t wizards, but our knowledge and contacts within the security industry are put to use every day, refining policies, testing and monitoring for anomalies and deploying solutions.


The best security device for the job, coupled with the right configurations, means that you won’t have to trade network performance for the effectiveness of your security. We work with you to ensure that both are optimized together.


Add or upgrade devices as you need them, and change configurations as your security needs evolve.


With short- and long-term service available, you can arrange for a fully managed firewall on your network for the cost of a latte every day. (One of those extra-large ones, admittedly, but still.)

Features overview

All of our Managed Firewall services include 24/7 hardware and software support, management of updates and patches, self-service firewall rule changes (via our customer Hub), and monitoring.

Depending on the level of service required, your firewall service can include Universal Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention, advanced analytics, VPN, network anti-virus, URL or data-filtering, or user-level visibility when integrated with directory services.

Standard Firewall Service

Sohonet’s standard firewall option uses enterprise-class hardware firewalls (namely Fortinet’s Fortigate series and Juniper’s SRX series), offering stateful firewalling, routing and Network Address Translation (NAT) as one solution. The service allows for secure network segmentation between Internet, Sohonet, DMZ and one or more trusted networks. Very granular security policies on an IP and service level can be defined to tightly control traffic flowing between networks.

Next-Generation Firewall Service

Sohonet’s next-generation firewall option use the Fortinet and Palo Alto platform, which both have ideal architecture for deep packet inspection, giving more advanced features and security options. This service has increased functional possibilities over the standard firewall product, offering application level visibility, URL filtering, data filtering, user visibility by integration with directory services, network based intrusion detection and prevention and network anti-virus.


Remote Network Access Service (Using SSL VPN)

This service is primarily for roaming users who want to securely connect to computers, servers and other devices on their Sohonet connected, office or production networks. For Juniper firewalls, the service is implemented using Pulse Secure SSL VPN appliances. For Fortinet and Palo Alto, the built-in SSL VPN capabilities are used.


These systems uses industry standard SSL to deploy an application and client to the end user. This allows for changes to be made centrally and be reflected across all users without redeploying separate configuration files.

Authentication Support

Authentication of users can be supported on the appliance itself (Sohonet manages usernames and passwords). For more than a few users, Sohonet recommends integrating with client authentication systems such as LDAP, Active Directory and Radius.

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