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Next Generation Firewalls

Making the Jump Up Easier

Sohonet's Managed Firewall service helps Media & Entertainment companies seamlessly transition to Next-Gen Layer 7 protection for their networks

Threats are Evolving,
but so is Protection

Standard firewalls used to offer adequate threat protection for your network by looking at traffic over network & transport Layers 3 & 4. But in a world of increasingly sophisticated threats, that traditional firewall protection may not be enough when it comes to protecting your intellectual property, or that of your customers. Modern exploits increasingly focus on weaknesses found within applications (Layer 7) rather than on network vulnerabilities alone.

That’s why when it comes protecting Media & Entertainment networks, the MPAA’s latest security guidelines recommend that firewalls provide thorough and proactive Layer 7 web & application filtering and protection.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) with Universal Threat Management (UTM) are able to look deeper into actual application layer activity to inspect for malicious code, malware, viruses, and more.

What’s Gained with Next‑Gen Firewalls?

Advanced Layer 7 Protection
  • Application Control — deep packet inspection of your traffic (to ensure it’s valid and doesn’t hide dangerous code)
  • Intrusion Protection Software — proactively prevents known exploits from threat database
  • Web Filtering — blocks HTTP(S) access to harmful sites
  • Anti Virus scans traffic for signature of viruses inside files before they hit your network
Meet MPAA-recommended advanced security requirements for the major studios and enterprise
Cutting-edge firewall hardware from vendors Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks
Fortinet Firewalls
Palo Alto Firewalls

why use our next-gen managed service?

we already manage firewalls for hundreds of leading M&E operations and productions... benefit from our industry experience and 24/7 phenomenal support 

Managing production networks is already complex enough. And when going it alone, upgrading to and managing Next Generation Firewalls can be a potentially expensive and challenging proposition. Luckily, we can help.

By entrusting Sohonet with your firewall management, you can free up your team and count on our two decades of battle-tested network/firewall experience for hundreds of customers (from production, post production, VFX, studios, and more). We know Next-Gen, and will help you get the most from it.

Flexible Options from Hardware Leaders

We provide a wide variety of premium Next Generation Firewalls from Fortinet and Palo Alto. Our newest product range can even be started as a standard service and upgraded to Next Gen later (with additional software), giving you a future-proof security solution.

With our experience with production and studio networks and helping our customers through security audits, we will ensure you get the right hardware for your current and future needs.

Reduce Your CAPEX and OPEX Costs

Purchasing firewall hardware and licenses yourself upfront is already pricey. When you factor in ongoing operational costs for software and team resources to manage it all, it can really add up.

Buying your Next Generation Firewall as a Managed Service from Sohonet allows you to pay a fraction of the list price of a firewall each month, and we’ll handle everything.

Fully Managed Service with Total Support

We do this stuff all the time. Let us take care of your firewalls while you focus on the bigger picture.

Our Fully Managed Service covers:

  • All installation and configuration
  • The ongoing grunt work:  Implementing patches & upgrades, monitoring, diagnosing & handling hardware issues, policy changes, managing backups and log retention. Not to mention security audit support.
  • 24/7/365 Support from our expert team

With pricing as low as...


£479 per month

* plus one-time installation fee

$689 per month

* plus one-time installation fee

€689 per month

* plus one-time installation fee

$819 per month

* plus one-time installation fee

$909 per month

* plus one-time installation fee

Learn More and Get Started

As Next Generation Firewalls are a considerable mission critical investment for your workflow and security strategy, choosing the right one should be done with care.

That’s why we will only recommend managed firewall configurations that make sense for your business and budget.

If you are curious to learn more about partnering with Sohonet to manage your Next-Gen Firewalls, please do reach out through the form here and let’s start a conversation.

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