Big Throwback! ‘Another First For The Sohonet With Cinesite and The Mill’

Olivia Broadley

Wednesday 18 September 1996

On Thursday 5 September, Cinesite (Europe) Ltd received the first images transferred by The Mill via the sohonet ATM link. The 30 second Marlboro Cigarettes commercial produced for Leo Burnetts in Frankfurt, was sent through to Cinesite at film resolution for the first record out to film on their Kodak Lightning laser recorder. Pete Williams, Cinesite’s Scanning and Recording Producer, commented “Cinesite can now deliver and collect material direct from a client’s workstation, speeding up turnaround and enabling creative staff to begin work on a job as soon as the first scanned image hits their workstation.”

Cinesite and The Mill were both founding members of the Sohonet and have been closely involved with the organisation since its inception. Cinesite earlier this year successfully received the first ATM transfer of images from VTR for a video to film transfer.

Martin Weaver, Computer Services Manager explains “It only takes a few seconds per frame to transfer each film image over the 155 Mb sohonet ATM link, cutting out tape as a transfer medium and all the latency involved in couriering and reading a tape in before a creative can get to work.”

Ron Eagle, Director of Visiontext and Head of Marketing foresees the international and global potential of the sohonet ATM link “The Sohonet network was developed by the media industry for the media industry. Apart from the obvious advantages which allow advertisers, agencies, broadcasters, etc. to communicate with the post-production and facilities houses, I also see Sohonet as a global entity which will expasnd and encourage the development of links between the US and UK film industry. The strength of this link is obviously the companies who are joined to it and the ever increasing work that is now being carried over it.”

Recent film credits for Cinesite include Mission Impossible, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Muppets Treasure Island, and Pinocchio.

Olivia Broadley