Broadcast Tech Fest 2018

Olivia Broadley




Sohonet are thrilled to be taking part in Broadcast Tech Fest 2018, a festival of technology for the media and entertainment industry.

Broadcast Tech Fest spreads across four events designed for the production industry, structured around compelling speaker sessions, demos and informative case studies revealing the real-life benefits of tech innovations. Chuck Parker Chief Executive OfficerSohonet’s CEO is part of Broadcast Tech’s IP Summit on the 10th October. Chuck will be moderating the Remote Collaborative Production Session and will be joined by David Spilsbury, Director of Technology at MPC Advertising and Tom Balkwill, Colourist and Owner of Dirty Looks. The panel will focus on remote collaborative production, showcasing the way tech developments have enabled a much more flexible approach to working – including remote editing, grading, and collaborative post workflows. Ben Roeder Chief Technology Officer On October 30th, our CTO Ben Roeder will be at Broadcast’s Media & Entertainment Security Summit, on the Broadcast Tech Fest Creating Fort Know – Best Practices for Content Security panel. The panel will discuss and share best practice techniques, with specific insight from companies at different stages of the production chain.        
Olivia Broadley