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The UK’s leading film laboratory is utilising Sohonet FileRunner to deliver film rushes quickly and securely over Sohonet’s private media network London, UK, 10th December 2015 – Sohonet, the leading global expert in connectivity and data management services for the media and entertainment industry, today announced that long-term customer, Cinelab London, the leading full service film laboratory in the UK, are now utilising Sohonet FileRunner, a state-of-the-art file transfer service that allows users to share unlimited data packages via the browser, via Sohonet’s dedicated private network. Cinelab London are renowned for delivering high quality, reliable feature film processing services and for providing enhanced digital solutions, ensuring they remain the leading company for film and digital restoration services within the UK. Having experienced the benefits of the collaborative nature of the Sohonet Media Network, Cinelab London opted to take advantage of the operational and commercial benefits of using Sohonet FileRunner for the their file transfers, both large and small. Cinelab London are now using FileRunner to transfer large amounts of digitised film rushes from their facilities in the UK to their clients worldwide. They recently completed rushes for Gurinder Chada’s latest film Viceroy’s House which shot in India. Rushes were flown back to the UK daily for processing and telecine, files were then delivered securely back to production in India and the UK using FileRunner. Cinelab is currently using FileRunner to deliver content almost daily to clients in Norway, Brazil and Indonesia. FileRunner leverages Sohonet FileStore as the underlying storage technology, eliminating the need for local server installs. Cinelab can leverage their high-speed Sohonet Media Network connection and share unlimited data packages with collaboration partners who are already on the Sohonet Media Network. “We are pleased that Cinelab are utilising FileRunner” says Ben Roeder, CTO, Sohonet. “This product is proving to be a game-changer for businesses who need to share large amounts of data. Built on a dedicated private network, FileRunner allows the sender to maximize their own connection speed without being reduced to the slowest connection in the recipient pool, essentially generating more throughput than in a point-to-point model.” “We have trusted in this product from the start” says Adrian Bull, Managing Director, Cinelab London. “The simplicity of the browser-based interface and the security of encryption and distribution on Sohonet’s private network makes FileRunner an obvious choice for our company enabling us to grow our virtual global footprint.” About Sohonet Sohonet is the leading global expert in connectivity and data management services for the media and entertainment industry. Fully independent, with almost 20 years media expertise, Sohonet offers a range of connectivity, data management, storage and compute solutions that enable clients to manage store and transfer valuable and critical content quickly, securely and effectively – all backed up by unrivalled technical support. Our Sohonet Media Network is the largest and most established private, high-performance network for the media industry connecting the leading studios, production and post-production facilities across the globe and providing a fast lane to established and emerging cloud platforms. For further information please visit Sohonet Press contact: Olivia Hills T: +44 (0) 20 7292 6900 [email protected] About Cinelab London Cinelab London provides comprehensive film services for filmmakers, distributors and archives. In less than three years it has established a reputation for quality, reliability and service appealing to clients globally. Cinelab London Sales contact: Roger Harlow T: +44 (0) 1753 501500 [email protected]
Olivia Broadley