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Alongside ClearView’s continued growth in the market, Sohonet continues to invest in additional features for our customers – check out the latest ClearView feature updates below:

05/08/2022: Remote Collaboration made easier with annotations

Sohonet has released the long-awaited annotations feature, which is now live in ClearView Flex. The feature has been designed to make remote collaboration clearer and help creatives reduce misunderstandings and costly mistakes. The annotations features include:

  1. Shared Pointers – this overlay of each viewer’s mouse cursor as they move it along the video. If the cursor is left inactive on the video, it will fade away after a few seconds
  2. Disappearing Ink – this is a temporary annotation function that will disappear after 2-3 seconds
  3. Draw Tool – this is a permanent annotation tool that will stay on the video until the user decides to clear the annotations

Learn more here

ClearView Flex’s new annotation feature in action.

21/04/2022: In-Channel Voice Chat

Sohonet has now made in-channel voice chat feature available for ClearView Flex users. The feature allows presenters and viewers to collaborate more efficiently via an in-app voice chat capability, removing the need for third-party services like Zoom or Teams. The feature has been designed to make collaboration easier.

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Sohonet introduces in channel voice chat within ClearView Flex
Setting up in-channel audio for ClearView Flex users.

22/02/2022: Sohonet ClearView Flex Glow launches

The Emmy®-winning ClearView family has now expanded to ClearView Flex Glow; the ultimate real-time remote collaboration solution now featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) colour for creatives. A A first in the market, ClearView Flex Glow supports HDR streaming in real-time with ultra-low latency, 5.1 surround sound audio. Glow provides storytellers with sub-100 ms remote live streaming capability, with up to 40 viewers in live review with ‘rock solid’ frame rate, color and audio accuracy including HDR. It supports HD and 2K DCI resolution in Rec 709, P3 and Rec 2020 color space with 10-bit color depth for capture and viewing.

Currently, Glow supports HDR on multiple devices including the iPad Pro and iPhone 12/13. Support for Apple TV will be available soon.

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CVF Glow generic image
ClearView Flex Glow opens up a whole new way of storytelling with a depth of colour experienced in real-time.

01/06/2021: Simplified Pricing for ClearView Services

a simplified pricing model for a range of ClearView real-time remote collaboration solutions. This new model makes it easier than ever for individuals working across film, television and advertising to budget remote technologies for both short and long-term projects. Under the new model, Sohonet has addressed a need from the production community, working on short-term projects, to provide a clear, single price per month to help crew to easily budget against below-the-line costs.

The subscription pricing now additionally displays the total project cost, helping create complete transparency around pricing. To further address the needs of short-term projects, Sohonet has pro-rated the annual platform fee providing up to 30% savings for short-term projects, while still allowing for significant savings across long term commitments and higher volumes.

See ClearView Pricing here

23/07/2020: ClearView Flex App Updates 5.1 Surround Sound & 10-bit Colour

Support for 5.1 surround sound for Apple TV is now available to ClearView Flex users. With this new release, any viewer in the session joining on other devices will receive a downmixed stereo feed.

We have also added 10-bit colour depth on supported platforms. Those inputting 10-bit colour video content to their Flex box will have their content delivered to viewer devices at 10-bit. If a viewer’s device is capable of 10-bit colour the viewer app will display content at this bit-depth. Both these feature updates have been trialled by a select group of Beta users who have put them through rigorous testing and have proven to improve user experience for media professionals in the field.

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Bitrates: Getting the right set-up for ClearView Users

29/10/2020: Introducing ClearView Starter and Increased Users Available

Sohonet introduced a new entry-level service, ClearView Flex Starter, to make remote collaboration more affordable and accessible to storytellers everywhere. ClearView Flex Starter will offer a reduced cost entry-level service for those with basic remote review requirements. The new offering will bring the same award-winning remote review experience with streaming up to 2K 8-bit (4:2:0) video, stereo sound to up to 10 Mac/PC, Android or iOS devices with minimal bandwidth requirements. ClearView Flex Starter will be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Chuck Parker, CEO at Sohonet says, “We’re committed to making high quality, ultra-low latency review accessible to individuals and projects of any size or budget.”

The update will also see all existing ClearView Flex Pro customers upgraded at no charge with the ability to stream to up to 20 viewers per session to facilitate larger team reviews and offset production streaming use cases.

See the pricing here

13/09/2017: Real-time Remote Review tool now accessible from any location with ClearView Flex

The latest feature upgrade gives users the capability to operate ClearView Flex outside of the Sohonet Media Network. This exciting update means ClearView Flex users will not be constrained to uploading content exclusively from locations connected to the Sohonet Media Network. Users now have the flexibility to stream content from any “off-net” location and still benefit from the near zero latency experience that is ClearView Flex’s hallmark.

The new features offer greater flexibility to ClearView Flex user who can now use ClearView Flex “on the move” or “in the studio”.

Chuck Parker, CEO of Sohonet said ‘It’s been fantastic to see media companies using ClearView Flex over the past year to condense their production and post windows whilst still producing incredible content. The latest updates will further support creative talent in working wherever they can be most effective’.

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