Sohonet’s ClearView Flex Adds Capability to Bolster Colour Quality and Audio with Support for 10-bit Colour and 5.1 Surround Sound

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LONDON, Sep. 29, 2020 – Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, media services and network security for the media and entertainment industry, has today released new features for their real-time review tool, ClearView Flex. Users will now enjoy increased colour quality of streaming sessions with 4:2:0 10-bit colour and an enhanced, surround sound experience with support for 5.1 audio. Both features have been deployed to improve the remote collaboration experience for all media professionals. 

The 5.1 surround sound will be supported on Apple TV, with any viewers in the session joining on other devices receiving a downmixed stereo feed. Those inputting 10-bit colour video content to their Flexbox will have their content delivered to viewer devices at 10-bit. If a viewer’s device is capable of 10-bit colour the viewer app will display content at this bit-depth. 

“Prior to the pandemic, our approach to support for ‘critical review’ output from our ClearView service made a broad assumption that a professional facility would be involved,” says Chuck Parker, CEO and executive chairman at Sohonet,” but early in the pandemic we realised this assumption was no longer valid in a world where social distancing requires fewer people in creative suites. “These latest features address key challenges creatives face when working remotely and are looking for better colour and audio during their live remote streaming sessions.”

Sohonet has been working in concert with the leading studios and content creators throughout the pandemic to develop new features to meet the changing work habits of creatives now working from home. Both features have been trialled and put through rigorous testing and are now available with ClearView Flex Pro packages and Weekly Plus go credit users.

There is an updated version of the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV apps. It is vital that all users upgrade to the latest version of the iOS and tvOS apps.

ClearView Flex is part of the ClearView product family, Sohonet’s real-time, remote collaboration toolkit for M&E teams which includes our “critical review” quality-focused service ClearView Pivot. To learn more about Sohonet and ClearView Flex, please visit:

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