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Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex




Sohonet ClearView Flex enables creators right across the production workflow to collaborate remotely and in real-time. You might already know that it delivers high-quality, sub-100ms streaming, supports 5.1 surround sound and collaborative sessions that are encrypted for studio-grade security. 

You might also know that it’s easy to use, with no file uploads or special viewing hardware required; and that streams can be watched on a multitude of different devices, including phones, tablets and PC/MAC computers.

ClearView Flex video walkthrough

But what you might not know is how ClearView Flex works. That’s why we’ve pulled together a ClearView Flex video to explain the basics, walking you through the six-step setup and showing you the product in action. View the video below.

Got any questions about ClearView Flex? Book a call with the Sohonet team and we’ll be happy to answer them. Just click the button below.

Olivia Broadley