Helping your teams work remotely during the Coronavirus outbreak

Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex


On Friday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) upgraded the global risk of Coronavirus to ‘very high’ and our thoughts go out to the many people affected. At Sohonet, we are monitoring the situation closely and are working with our customers to help them take the necessary steps to ensure their teams can work safely and effectively from their office, home or co-working space.  We have also taken steps to ensure our team can work remotely as required to continue to support all of our services to customers globally. Remote work has significantly increased in affected areas as a result of restricted movement and there are already examples of shoots and post-production being rescheduled, cancelled or moved to alternate locations.  Sohonet is committed to helping our industry colleagues where we can.  We believe the best tool for remote collaboration is ClearView Flex, which allows presenters to share their desktop output securely with their colleagues as well as share frame and colour accurate HD-SDI output from just about every industry creative tool. Users can run their review sessions remotely on any device, with minimal bandwidth requirements, allowing them to work together in an “over the shoulder” experience without having to physically travel anywhere during this difficult period. We are going to support the production, VFX and post communities by 1) reducing the feature constraints on our “Go” version of ClearView Flex, allowing all users access to higher bit rates, more attendees and access to Apple TV as an output. Additionally, we are planning to 2) significantly lower the price for new projects with the “Pro” version of ClearView Flex to make it more accessible to productions, and 3) we are also committed to providing ongoing best practice guidance to our customers and the wider industry.  We will be releasing a number of “how-to” blogs on remote collaboration across production and post workflows — including suggestions on the tools that can help your employees collaborate with their teams and partners whilst travel is constrained.  Feel free to reach out to our team so we can discuss how Sohonet can help support your business.    Find out more about Sohonet’s real-time collaboration tools here:
Olivia Broadley