HPA NET Critical Conversations with HPA Engineering Excellence Winners

Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex


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Throughout the COVID pandemic, the HPA (Hollywood Professional Association):  HPA NET Critical Conversations has been bringing us key insights from top tier media & entertainment thinkers in conversation with HPA leaders. From mastering remote dailies to restarting productions and creating a new and better normal.

In this episode, as the HPA Awards celebrates its 15th anniversary this November HPA NET Critical Conversations co-hosts Mark Chiolis and Joachim Zell sit down with 2020 winners Kevin Burke (Eizo), Michelle Munson (Eluvio), Hugh Calveley (Moxion), Snehal Patel (ZEISS SBE), and honourable mention award winners Michael Cioni (frame.io) and Chuck Parker (Sohonet) to talk about their award-winning technologies and how they believe each will change the way that our industry works today, and into the future.

Here’s a small snippet of our CEO, Chuck Parker discussing the workflow for Sohonet’s award-winning technology, ClearView Flex and how it has been optimised for our “new reality”. You can check out the full episode with our fellow recipients of HPA Engineering Excellence Awards here


Olivia Broadley