HPA Tech Retreat 2019: Sohonet to Demo Latest Advancements of Real-Time Remote Collaboration Tool

Olivia Broadley

Clearview Flex

hpa tech retreat

Sohonet are getting set for the HPA Tech Retreat, which takes place in Palm Springs this February. The annual event sees top industry creative and technical talent coming together to discuss and debate upon all aspects of film, television, production, post-production, digital cinema, and video.

What’s Sohonet showing in the innovation Zone?

This year, we’ll be taking up residence in the Innovation Zone, demonstrating the latest version of our real-time creative collaboration service, ClearView Flex. ClearView Flex enables key creatives, production executives or anyone unable to be present to view a live, encrypted video stream in real time, on a mobile device or PC from anywhere.  So whether you’re looking to review dailies, remote colour grade, or view live feeds direct from the camera, ClearView Flex gives you the security and flexibility to collaborate with your teams remotely and in real-time, from anywhere in the world. This latest version contains a number of key improvements to video quality, security, tools for dealing with network issues, as well as a new usage model built around the needs of production and post-production.

Breakfast Roundtables

Make sure you come along to one of our breakfast roundtables on either the Wednesday or the Thursday – should be lively!

Chuck Parker Chief Executive Officer


Wednesday: Remote Collaborative Production Session, led by Sohonet’s CEO and Chuck Parker

A session on a recent remote collaborative production, showcasing the way tech developments have enabled a much more flexible approach to working – including remote editing, grading and collaborative post workflows.


Thursday: Protecting your Valuable Content, led by Sohonet’s VP Engineering Patrick Sumby

Whatever part of the production process you’re working in, how can you lock down your security and minimise your chances of attack? This session will discuss and share best practice techniques at different stages of the production chain.

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Olivia Broadley