Sohonet to Sponsor HPA Tech Retreat UK 2017

Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex


hpa tech retreat


Sohonet are heading to sunny Oxfordshire for the HPA Tech Retreat this July!  After such a successful debut last year, we’re very happy to hear that this show looks like it’s here to stay. Much like its US counterpart, HPA Tech Retreat UK features workshops and seminars led by leading figures in the Media and Entertainment sectors. Last year we saw Super Sessions from the likes of HBO, MPC, Pixar & Netflix, and were treated to behind the scenes footage from major motion picture and television productions including Game of Thrones, The Jungle Book and Finding Dory.  Whilst these incredible sessions are invaluable, the HPA TR Team do a fantastic job of balancing them with informal breakfast roundtables and lively networking opportunities, making the event really feel like a retreat. Like last year, Sohonet can be found in the Innovation Zone, where we will be showcasing our real-time remote collaboration tool ClearView Flex and demonstrating how innovative third party tools such as Bluescape and Optika can be integrated to provide the ultimate visual collaboration workspace. (Read more here). In usual Sohonet style, we will also be hosting a drinks party at the show. This will be on Wednesday evening after the Welcome Dinner! All attendees are invited to join.
Olivia Broadley