Latest Workshop: Securing Studio and NDA Content Workflows on AWS Cloud

Olivia Broadley





Thank you to everyone who attended the second of a series of workshops Sohonet have been hosting with our partner AWS. For this session, we were joined by the experts from the Independent Security Evaluators (ISE)  – a 3rd party auditor well known in the Production industry who Sohonet has partnered with on a number of security initiatives. As we’re all aware, security is paramount for media storage and workloads and can directly impact a studio’s bottom line. As core media workloads move to the cloud, it’s imperative to examine the security implications of a multi-tenant public cloud environment in light of various asset classifications, content production, and delivery scenarios, as well as content handling during production workloads. The ISE kindly joined Sohonet and AWS to discuss the feasibility and secure architecture pattern of cloud-based persistent storage for rendered output on the cloud as well as general asset management and archival workloads and how this can have implications on the efficiency of the underlying cloud-based production pipelines. In this session, the ISE addressed the encryption and network configuration of such pipeline architectures in-depth and provided a common template that meets the standard of large-scale studios tier-1 content production. The ISE also addressed common questions and concerns about security in the cloud in the context of tier-1 (pre-released) studio content. Thank you again to everyone who joined us! Check out how you can securely connect to the cloud using Sohonet FastLane here  
Olivia Broadley