Meet with Sohonet at IBC 2017

Olivia Broadley


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ibc 2017


Sohonet are excited to be heading to Amsterdam this September for what promises to be another awesome IBC.  As usual, Sohonet will have a great suite at The Okura Hotel from Friday to Sunday. So make sure you schedule a break from the show and join us for a chat over great food and drink (not just Heineken we promise!). 

What’s Sohonet showing at IBC 2017

Totally new to Sohonet? Or on the Sohonet Media Network and want to see how you can better leverage your connection?

  • Come test drive our real-time remote collaboration solution, ClearView Flex, and find out how this on-the-go remote review tool can enable key creatives and production executives to review dailies, rushes and live editing sessions securely from anywhere on their mobile, tablet or PC. 
  • Tired of flying across the world for an editing session?  Discover ClearView HD, our fully-managed remote collaboration solution for high-quality, real-time colour grading, editing, digital intermediates, and approvals.
  • See how simple it is to share files of unlimited size securely through your browser with Sohonet FileRunner. 
  • Hear real-life examples of how our customers are utilising Sohonet FastLane to connect directly to the industry’s major cloud providers, enabling them to advantage from a growing range of remote storage and compute solutions.
  • Let our technical experts talk you through the latest security standards within the industry, and discuss your companies unique requirements fully with them.
We’re making your trip to see us as easy as possible. Either take a 10-minute stroll from the RAI to The Okura Hotel OR  jump on our boat by the Beach Bar (RAI) and we’ll sail to The Okura together.
Olivia Broadley