NAB 2017: “Roll The Credits”

Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex




Remote Collaboration

Ah…we’ve just about recovered from another incredible/exhausting trip to Sin City and the annual NAB Show and yes, there were a few ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ moments over some of the latest emerging technologies hitting the film and television industry. As ever, the best part of the week is the chance to meet so many of our colleagues, friends, and customers, and hear what they are up to. The energy and creativity of our Industry continues to amaze and inspire us in what we do, every single day.

Some of our highlights:

Partner Showcase: Bluescape and Optika A brief overview for those that missed us at NAB this year:  We teamed up with our partners Bluescape and Optika to demo for customers how ClearView Flex integrates with their products. Bluescape helps entertainment companies create better films, TV shows, and other entertainment media by giving teams a virtual workspace to meet, share and develop ideas. Its cloud-based, visual collaboration software is the only solution that empowers filmmakers to storyboard, collaborate and evolve hundreds of pre-production movie frames as well as post-production assets anywhere, anytime in one persistent and secure workspace, so the creative magic is never lost. Bluescape can be used on large-format, touchscreen walls, such as those from Optika, in addition to laptop, tablet and mobile screens. When our team first saw Bluescape running on an Optika Display wall at HPA Tech Retreat in Palm Springs earlier this year, the fit with ClearView Flex became obvious straight away. Having solved the problem of delivering a private real-time video session to mobile viewers with virtually no lag, our customers were looking for an intuitive and powerful way to annotate and collaborate as the video played. Integrating ClearView Flex with Bluescape provided the answer. Combining Bluescape’s visual collaboration software with Optika’s high-quality stylus writing capability and precise multi-touch technology means that we can deliver a best in class, extremely reliable, intuitive collaborative digital workspace solution to our ClearView Flex customers.  The result? Users can securely develop, expand, review and share ideas as a group, team or organisation in real-time from anywhere on any device (tablet, mobile, laptop) and then present those ideas in (4K UHD) Ultra High Definition quality. Three Weeks on from NAB and there is still a huge buzz around this Visual Collaboration Partnership, to arrange a demo of your own get in touch. Sohonet’s Annual NAB Cocktail Party  As usual, our Monday night cocktail party was a raucous affair – we were bursting out of The Lobby Bar at the Aria, so apologies for the squeeze, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” in 2018. (Some pictures we managed to snap below) For the rest of the week, our team met dozens of customers, ran demos of our latest products including ClearView Flex and FileRunner, and toured the trade show, handed out swag and generally basked in the awesomeness that is NAB. If you didn’t make it out there this year, we hope to see you in 2018!   [gdlr_core_row] [gdlr_core_column size=”2/3″ ] [/gdlr_core_column] [gdlr_core_column size=”1/3″] [/gdlr_core_column] [/gdlr_core_row] [gdlr_core_space height=”0px”] [gdlr_core_row] [gdlr_core_column size=”1/3″] [/gdlr_core_column]   [gdlr_core_column size=”1/3″] [/gdlr_core_column] [gdlr_core_column size=”1/3″] [/gdlr_core_column] [/gdlr_core_row]
Olivia Broadley