Sohonet To Moderate Remote Collaboration Panel at HPA Tech Retreat UK

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Sohonet are heading to HPA Tech Retreat in Oxfordshire this July, where the top industry creative and technical talent will be converging for three days to discuss and debate upon all aspects of film, television, production, post-production, digital cinema, and video. We’re excited to announce that Sohonet’s CEO Chuck Parker, will be moderating a remote collaboration panel at the Retreat. Joining him will be Darren Woolfson, Group Director of Technology at Pinewood Studios, Ray Mia, Executive Vice President & Head of Advanced Media at Universal Music and Roy Trosh, Group Technical Director at The Mill. See what they’ll be discussing below: Can Remote Collaboration Revolutionise the Production Process? Great collaboration can produce great content, and with emerging remote collaboration technologies on offer, studio and production companies are now able to benefit from a wider range of talent than ever before whilst speeding up their workflows and saving both Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line costs. 

How can organisations maximise the benefits of remote collaboration technologies? How simple is it to integrate these tools into the film production workflow? And what are the most critical baseline security measures that should be considered when collaborating remotely with your media partners? This panel will look to answer these questions and more.

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Olivia Broadley