Post-Prod House Cinematic Joins the Sohonet Media Network

Olivia Broadley



Post-Production House Cinematic Media Launches in Mexico

By Anne Marie de la Fuente (Read full article on Variety)   cinematicCinematic Media, a new state-of-the-art post-production finishing facility, has launched in Mexico in response to the exponential growth of film and TV production in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. With YouTube Premium, Endemol Shine and Turner Latin America joining Netflix to produce more projects in Mexico and elsewhere in the region, the need for additional post houses has spiked. It joins the likes of Mexico-based Labodigital, which offers post-production services along with DCP duplication and provision to distributors and exhibition services, including screen calibration and quality systems, digital integration, and image and sound for festivals, among others. Focusing exclusively on television and cinema content, Cinematic Media offers dailies, look development, editorial finishing, color grading and other services. Managing director Arturo Sedano, who has overseen post-production for such companies as Netflix, Telemundo, Sony Pictures, Viacom, Lionsgate, HBO and FOX, pointed out that Cinematic Media differs sharply from other post-production facilities in Mexico. “This facility was designed to emulate post-production workflows used in Hollywood for episodic television,” he noted. “We employ the same equipment and infrastructure as top facilities in the U.S. Even the rooms are similar in configuration. We want to be known, not as a great Mexican company, but as a great, global company that just happens to be in Mexico.” Resources include a digital intermediate theater with DaVinci Resolve, 4K projection and 7.1 surround sound, four color suites supporting 2K, 4K and HDR, multiple editorial finishing suites, and a Colorfront On-Set Dailies system. The facility also offers look development services to assist productions in creating end-to-end color pipelines, as well as quality control and deliverable services for streaming, broadcast and cinema. Plans to add visual effects services are in the works. Cinematic Media provided finishing services for season two of Netflix’s Kate del Castillo-toplined “Ingobernable,” its first project. With Cinematic Media’s location within Estudios GGM, which has six sound stages, production and editorial office space, grip and lighting resources etc., producers can take projects from concept to the screen from within the site. “We can literally walk down a flight of stairs to support a project shooting on one of the stages,” said CEO Scot cinematic Evans, adding, “Proximity is important. We expect many productions to locate their offices and editorial teams here.” “We can handle six or seven series simultaneously,” said Evans. “There is a lot of redundancy built into our pipeline, making it incredibly efficient and virtually eliminating downtime. A lot of facilities in Hollywood would be envious of what we have here.” Cinematic Media claims to be the first facility in Mexico to feature high-speed connectivity via the private network, Sohonet. This will be used to securely share media with studios, producers and distributors around the world and facilitate remote collaboration among the production and post-production partners.
Olivia Broadley