SMPTE Turns 100 in Style

Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex


Last week the team headed toward the bright lights of Hollywood for the SMPTE Conference & Exhibition. We have to say that the program lived up to Paul Chapman’s (SMPTE’s Conference Chair) prediction that it was ‘worthy’ of the show’s centennial year. In terms of the future of the industry, SMPTE’s member engineers had some rather interesting things to say about ultra-high-definition (UHD) and 4K/8K resolution, higher frame rates (HFR), high-dynamic-range (HDR), and wider color gamut (WCG), and how these aspects align with the author’s original creative intent. img_2867Having particularly enjoyed SMPTE’s “Future of Cinema” session at NAB, we made sure to head along to this panel. The big discussion continued to be on the creative use of HDR and how filmmakers continue to test the limits of cinema – more so the psychovisual effects these technologies have on the viewing experience. Other highlights would certainly include the immersive VR sessions, particularly the discussions on the techniques used to increase the quality and reliability of VR productions. Back at our base in the Highland Suite of Loews Hotel, we were busy demoing our latest product ClearView Flex, a tool which enables you to get a real-time stream from an Editing suite via your PC, Tablet or Mobile. In summary, a secure real-time remote attendance tool. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, please arrange a demo with us directly. Event Highlights img_2862After all the hard work – everyone was in need of some good food and drink! Big thank you to our SMPTE Beer Garden co-sponsor Google Cloud! Also a huge thank you to the SMPTE team for pulling together a jam-packed week of events to celebrate your hundredth year. From the Honors and Awards Ceremony on Monday night (we loved the speakeasy theme by the way) through to the Centennial Gala on the Friday evening – you did yourselves proud. Thank you also to everyone who joined Sohonet for drinks on Wednesday evening, especially those of you who kindly modelled our ‘Sohonet tour shirts’ – you looked marvellous! befunky-collage   Want more future updates on Sohonet blog posts and events? Then subscribe to our newsletter below.
Olivia Broadley