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Sohonet's 20th Anniversary

Sohonet marks two decades providing global technology solutions to the media and entertainment industry London, UK,  19th November 2015 – Sohonet, the leading global expert in connectivity and data management services for the media and entertainment industry, announced that today marks the company’s 20th year in business providing cutting-edge technology solutions that power the film and production community. Sohonet was founded in 1995 when a group of engineers based in the post production industry in Soho were considering the issues preventing better collaboration between partners. The team designed a network tailored specifically for their business, primarily focused on file transfers of digital video and the emerging digital film. Seven companies partnered to develop the idea in November of 1995 (MPC, The Mill, Cinesite, Visiontext, VTR, CFC, Tape Gallery, and Media Channel), and were joined by Framestore, SVC and Smoke and Mirrors early the following year. Dave Scammell, President, Sohonet explains, “The vision of the original founders was to use technology to ensure that they had a way to easily share work between them to tackle larger and more exciting projects. As we have grown from those small beginnings into a worldwide company we have tried to remain true to that innovative heritage.” Sohonet has evolved in the past 20 years into the media and entertainment industry’s most reliable partner for connectivity, speed and dedicated bandwidth using the Sohonet Media Network, enabling workflows that are changing the way the industry does business. The company has grown its product base with solutions that compliment the needs of the world’s largest production companies, studios and facility companies. Its forward thinking innovations have allowed its customers to collaborate with any and all of the 400+ Sohonet customers in-network on feature film and TV productions with speed, security and delivery assurance. Sohonet’s products reduce time-to-market, ensure reliability and security, simplify workflows and provide flexible pricing options for bandwidth and bursting capabilities. Some of the most notable and industry-changing solutions include collaboration tools that continue to reinforce the heritage of Sohonet by promoting collaboration within the industry: Sohonet ClearView and Sohonet FileRunner. Sohonet ClearView is a fully-managed remote collaboration solution for high-quality, real-time color grading, editing, digital intermediates and approvals which eliminates the need to travel across the world for an editing session. Sohonet FileRunner is the only file transfer service on a dedicated private network, allowing users to share files of unlimited size through the browser, with no plug-ins, software or server installs. Another notable solution is Sohonet Fastlane which serves as a direct connection to the industry’s major cloud service providers. Fastlane provides increased flexibility and a reliable, high-speed conduit to a range of remote storage and compute tools.   “Sohonet has been providing solutions to the media and entertainment industry from the biggest media companies to small production houses for two decades. Recently, we’ve been in the business of providing relevant and disruptive technology solutions that allow our customers to be successful and we will continue to create products that increase quality and productivity of their creative workflows,” Chuck Parker, Sohonet CEO. The heritage continues to grow with the most recent companies to join and enjoy the benefit of the community of interest including some of the largest and most impactful companies in the media and entertainment industry in the world: Lionsgate, Miramax, Legendary, Whitehouse, Tyler Perry and Rodeo FX. For more information on Sohonet products and services and an extended list of its customers, visit About Sohonet Sohonet is the leading global expert in connectivity and data management services for the media and entertainment industry. Fully independent, with almost 20 years media expertise, Sohonet offers a range of connectivity, data management, storage and compute solutions that enable clients to manage store and transfer valuable and critical content quickly, securely and effectively – all backed up by unrivalled 24×7 technical support. Our Sohonet Media Network is the largest and most established private, high-performance network for the media industry connecting the leading studios, production and post-production facilities across the globe and providing a fast lane to established and emerging cloud platforms.  For further information please visit Sohonet Press contact: Olivia Hills T: +44 (0) 20 7292 6900 [email protected]
Olivia Broadley