Sohonet Launches AWS Direct Connect

Olivia Broadley


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Sohonet is excited to announce the launch of Sohonet AWS Direct Connect services, as announced at NAB 2014. Working in conjunction with Amazon Web Services, Sohonet is now able to offer a direct connection from your offices worldwide to the AWS infrastructure, providing customers with increased flexibility and a reliable, high-speed conduit to a range of remote storage and compute services. Sohonet is committed to extending the reach of the Sohonet Media Network to the increasing number of cloud platforms that are supporting media workflows and further announcements will follow in the coming months. In an industry where time and money go hand in hand, Sohonet has recognised that customers are increasingly transferring large volumes of data to and from cloud platforms. Transferring data can prove to be both time consuming and costly when transferring over a standard Internet connection. The Internet, which is often an already overextended resource in companies struggling to manage network congestion from the increasingly high requirements of just day-to-day office usage, can prove to be unreliable and cost prohibitive for customers to justify moving more of their infrastructure off-site. Sohonet AWS Direct Connect service moves that data away from Internet bandwidth, removing network congestion and decreasing the time it takes to transfer your data. With a direct link to the AWS cloud, you, the customer, are in control of how your data is routed, leading to a more consistent network experience for your business. Offering dedicated connectivity, with speeds of 50Mbit/s up to 10Gbit/s, Sohonet is able to provide the flexibility, security and reliability that our network is known for. Additionally, in bringing the AWS service directly to our Community of Interest network we are able to leverage the joint infrastructure to provide a significant saving on data egress charges, of up to 85% less than standard rates. To find out more about how you can benefit from these services today, contact us at [email protected] or alternatively call us at your local Sohonet office.
Olivia Broadley