Sohonet Update: ClearView continues to support Storytellers

Lucinda Owen

Sohonet ClearView, the Emmy®-winning global remote collaboration family of products for the film, TV and advertising production industry, has continued to enjoy strong growth in the market. The first quarter of 2022 was marked by a 19% increase over the last quarter in total hours viewed and an 8% increase in total active units. Furthermore, 60% of this year’s Oscar-winning features were supported by ClearView.

ClearView Flex continues to enjoy increased customer adoption

ClearView Flex Upgrades

Alongside ClearView’s continued growth in the market, Sohonet continues to invest in additional features for our customers including the now available “in-channel voice chat” feature for ClearView Flex. The feature allows presenters and viewers to collaborate more efficiently via an in-app voice chat capability, removing the need for third-party services like Zoom or Teams.

ClearView Flex in-channel voice chat

In February, ClearView Flex expanded our video offering with new HDR live streaming capabilities that maintains our signature ultra-low latency. Sessions can be launched with up to 40 viewers for a live review of creative work, with rock-solid frame rate color and audio accuracy. The entire ClearView family of products offer studio-grade security and are regularly audited by industry-approved third-party security auditors. Security is built-in at every level including air-gapped setup, end to end encryption and visible watermarking. 

Confident in ClearView’s rock-solid frame rate and strong video fidelity, Sohonet are now focused on delivering more collaboration features to support our customers’ workflows. In the coming months, customers will be able to enjoy further upgrades including annotation, SSO support and support for virtualized deployments to follow in the coming months.

Meet us at NAB 2022

The team will be heading to NAB and we can’t wait to see you there! If you’re interested in the latest happenings at Sohonet or want to discover what the future holds for the ClearView family join us at the Sohonet Cocktail Hour on Monday 25th April at the Chandelier Bar from 5pm where key members of our team will be at NAB to discuss our plans and roadmap.

Join us at NAB 2022

About Sohonet

Sohonet has been connecting storytellers across the globe for over 25 years. Combining innovative technologies with world-class services, they remain the leading global expert in connectivity and data management services for the media and entertainment industry. Sohonet offers a wide range of technical solutions, designed to enable clients to manage, store and transfer their valuable content, quickly and securely. The Sohonet Media Network is the largest and most established private, high-performance network for the M&E industry, connecting the leading studios, production and post-production facilities across the globe and providing high-speed access to established and emerging cloud platforms.

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Lucinda Owen