Sohonet’s CEO Chuck Parker to speak at MESA’s Content Protection Summit, LA

Olivia Broadley
Sohonet’s CEO Chuck Parker will be speaking at MESA’s Content Protection Summit on 2nd December 2015, at The Marriot Hotel, Marina Del Rey, California. Chuck April 2014

Trust no one…get nowhere  

Great collaboration can produce great content, but in benefiting from a wider source of talent you inevitably extend your perimeter of trust. 

This session discusses the key challenges of balancing the desire to protect your assets with the need to trust your partners. 

Chuck will also be joining the panel, ‘Production in the Cloud’, moderated by Eric Weaver,  Project Lead, Production in the Cloud, Entertainment Technology Centre at University of Southern California. Other panelists include Brandon Bussinger, Director of Post Production Technology, Legendary Pictures, Eric Diehl, Vice President, Media & Content Security, Sony Pictures, Matthew O’Connor, Product Manager Security & Compliance, Google Cloud Platform. An intriduction will also be given by  Darren Ehlers, Vice President, Products, Movie Magic Scenechronize Technologies, Entertainment Partners.

Production In The Cloud Panel 

What problem is Production In The Cloud really solving? Does it introduce more risks than solutions? How do you handle the high-speed on-ramps in remote locations? Is there a high-speed bottleneck at the last mile? How can producers share information about locations around the world with adequate bandwidth and security? What technological breakthroughs are on the horizon to transmit content directly from the camera and into a secure cloud environment? How is technology evolving to securely transmit content as file size grows and demand increases across the spectrum of business units, production, post and distribution workflows? In the high volume distribution world, there are challenges with managing the landing pad. How do you “throttle” the volume within a transmission environment, getting the right content (securely) while make sure your systems are going fast enough across all suppliers? What are best practices to securely send and receive content to-and-from air-gapped production networks?

Olivia Broadley