Sohonet’s Rooftop BBQ with The Production Guild

Olivia Broadley


Clearview Flex


production guild

As Business Partners of The Production Guild, Sohonet are inviting the PG team and their members to a rooftop BBQ at our offices just off Soho Square. The evening will provide a great opportunity for networking and socialising on what we dearly hope will be a warm summer evening. So come and join us for what promises to be a beguiling mixture of industry chat, craft beers and barbecuing! Guests will also have the opportunity to demo Sohonet’s real-time remote collaboration solution ClearView Flex. This on-the-go remote review tool enables key creatives and production executives to review dailies, rushes and live editing sessions securely from anywhere on their mobile, tablet or PC.  We’re excited for PG members to come and try it out! To RSVP for this event please contact The Production Guild directly 
Olivia Broadley