Vaarwel IBC 2017

Olivia Broadley

ibc 2017

It wouldn’t really be IBC without a host of paradigm-shifting innovators and brands rethinking how we engage in the creation, management and delivery of media would it?  So as the dust settles on the show and our bodies and souls recover, we take a look back at some of our highlight.

What stood out to us?

Last year’s IBC placed huge emphasis on the transition from SDI to IP, hailing IP as the future and signalling how it would change the nature of media production. This year as IBC’s CEO Michael Crimp observed, “IP is no longer ‘the future’real-time IP for production, playout and contribution is a practical, flexible, efficient reality that is rapidly taking hold in mainstream broadcast operations.” With over 50 vendors plus the standards community educating the industry on this, the big take home will certainly be on IP as a real-time, uncompressed transport alternative to baseband video standards. Among the 55,000 attendees at this year’s show were two not-so human individuals. The automatons, Sophia and Professor Einstein are advanced robots created by Hanson Robotics, who joined us at the Tech Talks keynote ‘The Future With Robots That Are Like US’. It really was an incredible talk with a deep-dive into the future of robotics technology and AI. Check out this video.  (Brilliant/ Terrifying?) Other key topics on the programme were VR, AR and mixed reality, with one of the top Keynotes being ‘What’s happening in VR, AR and Mixed Reality?’, where leading industry figures discussed the past, present and future of VR (and associated technologies), with specific focus on their integration with consumer devices (the takeaway: watch this space!).  

Sohonet at IBC 2017 – What did we get up to?

As usual, Sohonet like to take a step back from the madness of the conference and take a meeting suite at the Okura Hotel, just down the road. This year we ferried our marvellous customers and friends up river to meet with us. Here’s what we showcased: Our real-time remote collaboration solution, ClearView Flex. An on-the-go remote review tool can enable key creatives and production executives to review dailies, rushes and live editing sessions securely from anywhere on their mobile, tablet or PC.  ClearView HD, our fully-managed remote collaboration solution for high-quality, real-time colour grading, editing, digital intermediates, and approvals. Our private file-transfer service, Sohonet FileRunner, a tool which allows you to transfer files of unlimited size through the browser, with no plug-ins, software or server installs. Sohonet FastLane, a solution which enables you to connect directly to the industry’s major cloud providers in order to advantage from a growing range of remote storage and compute solutions. And of course the Sohonet Media Network, Security and Storage.  

Events – The Sohonet Beach Party & MESA’s LAmsterdam Party

Thank you to everyone who turned out to our awesome Beach Party on Friday night at the RAI. The weather may not have been merry but we certainly were! (pictures below) Another great party we need to mention is MESA’s LAmsterdam party at Yip Fellows, Dam Square which we had the pleasure of sponsoring. Thank you to all the MESA team – it’s always a blast hanging out with you guys!
Olivia Broadley