What Does the New Content Future Hold?

Olivia Broadley

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Sohonet’s guide to the future of content collaboration says the future is fast and location-neutral…

Chuck Parker Chief Executive OfficerThe film, TV, ad and video production industries are changing faster than ever before. Technology disruption is overturning the established ways of working and bringing new paradigms to the industry. The biggest, most established studios, broadcasters, agencies, production and post-production houses must now compete against new challengers, who are harnessing the power of cloud technology, new collaboration tools, and ultra-fast global networks to drive their capabilities to new levels of quality, cost-effectiveness and productivity. In this new content future, creators are working together in real-time across geographic divides, unlocking cost and time savings – and empowering productions with easier access to global talent. The future of creative content collaboration in the industry is already happening around us. But what are the key challenges and opportunities transforming our industry? And how can you use new collaboration tools, technologies and models to transform the way your production teams work for a more agile, competitive and globally distributed industry? We’ve put together a guide that provides a clear picture of the trends driving our industry’s future – from the SVOD content arms race to an ever-globalised production network and remote shoots. To explore the future of content collaboration – get your guide to crushing it in Film, TV, AD and Video Production
Olivia Broadley