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by Stephanie White, Customer Success Manager at Sohonet

Working with creatives who are erudite in their fields is one of the joys of being a part of this industry. Talented individuals who can encapsulate the vision and heart of the director should be celebrated. Their talent and skills are vital to the success of the award-winning movies, trailers, and advertisements we see every day. 

As the demand for ambitious content intensifies, keeping your creatives, teams, and clients aligned on creative vision throughout the production workflow is becoming ever more essential. But getting the right people in the same room at the same time to bounce ideas off one another is becoming harder and harder. With teams now scattered across multiple timezones, or, as we’re experiencing right now with COVID-19, unable to travel, they have to find ways to collaborate remotely. Successful collaboration is the key to creating the magic we see on our screens. 

We now have a fantastic new ebook that explores the unique challenges facing teams throughout the production workflow and look at how our real-time review and approval tool ClearView Flex and ClearView Pivot can help you jump many of these hurdles.

We walk you through how teams from pre-production through to post are utilising real-time remote review and collaboration tools to save money and ensure their teams, partners, and clients stay connected.

It’s jam-packed with suggested use cases and explains how you can apply this workflow to your production or project. From Pre-vis and split unit monitoring to VFX and colour grading, there isn’t an area we’ve not covered.

Following that, we also have a great new 3-minute explainer video for ClearView Flex, that explains the ins and outs of how ClearView Flex works, including a 6 step walkthrough of how to get started. Many of you will know first hand how Flex works, but this is a great way to explain the service clearly to your teams and clients who you are looking to Flex with. We hope you enjoy!

Olivia Broadley