Remote Collaboration

5 Minutes with Brown Bag Films


Brown Bag films is one of the most successful creative-led animation studios in the world. With offices all over the globe, their projects include work for Disney Junior, Netflix and PBS Kids. Doc McStuffins, Octonauts and Olivia, include some of their much loved projects.


ClearView Flex


 We talk to Brown Bag films on how ClearView Flex helped the animation studios cement a decentralised editorial workflow.


 In-house collaboration has been the heart of Brown Bags’ creative success so the pandemic pose a real  threat to this ethos. Director of Technology, Darren Hyland, stated that initially Brown Bag implemented Teradici to connect all of their artists but once it became evident that “lockdowns and quarantines were going to last longer than a few weeks”, Brown Bag began to look to “look at additional technologies to streamline [our] remote workflow.” What became evident through adopting the Teradici technology was that Brown Bag had “no solution for interactive offline reviews and editorial sessions.” That’s when they came across Sohonet. 


After trialling ClearView Flex, Brown Bag found that the stability it offered ensured a “much more robust viewing scenario” and allowed them to connect with their “editors and directors” much more efficiently.  After successful trials, Brown Bag scaled to “four boxes” from November 2020. Hyland states that utilising ClearView Flex is more “efficient” as you can get “everyone together watching the same media in a two-hour streaming session.” 


Like many companies, Brown Bag have adopted a  hybrid approach to working as a result of the pandemic. Utilising ClearView Flex has meant that Brown Bag has become more time efficient and productive. Hyland states that “if we didn’t have ClearView, it would add hours” to the editing process. He further explains that ClearView has eliminated having to repeatedly issue “files and notes allowing everyone to contribute live to the mix.”