Remote Collaboration

5 Minutes with Cedric Nairn-Smith 


 Working his way up from production assistant to the cutting room for leading projects, Nairn-Smith’s career has hit a new stride. His past projects have included Die Hard 4.0, The Sum of All Fears and more recently Apple TV’s Home Before Dark


ClearView Flex


 We talk to Cedric Nairn-Smith on how ClearView Flex allowed for seamless remote completion of projects


Nairn Smith joined Bad Robots, just as stay at home orders were introduced. The show was directed by Pablo Larrain whose work includes Jackie (2016) and produced by J.J. Abrams who has worked on Mission Impossible and Star Wars. Having worked with remote video streaming technologies previously, there was apprehension on how the project would be able to be completed to a high standard while factoring in different time zones and adapting to remote collaboration. 


Having been introduced to ClearView Flex whilst working on the miniseries, Lisey’s Story (an adaptation of the Stephen King novel), it was suggested that the team working on Bad Robots worked from home utilising ClearView Flex. By utilising ClearView Flex, Nairn-Smith shares “[we] had many engaging conversations and spent hours on ClearView Flex often in different time zones. It was miraculous to get that kind of work done and never be in the same room.“ 


Nairn-Smith states that “with or without the pandemic, ClearView Flex simply allows for a much smoother playback during live sessions. You can have a crew off site or in another country and they can still participate. It’s a no-brainer really…” Nairn-Smith is now working on a project with Marvel in which he states ClearView Flex is becoming the “de facto standard.”